We grow in Christ. Love & Unity. Pettway & Carson Family Reunion
June 20, 2019
1 Year, 2 months and 29 days since
our Reunion.
Pettway and Carson Family Reunion.

Hello everyone it that time again for a great family Gathering.


JUNE 20-23, 2019


Dear Family,

The Family Reunion Committee is in the process of putting together an outstanding celebration for the whole family (see enclosed Intent Form).

We will need the first payment of $50.00 per adult by November 30, 2018. The deadline for the remaining amount is May 31, 2019. Please send the enclosed Intent Form along with the payment to the address listed below. 

Pettway-Carson  Family Reunion.

Nettie Jones

230 Harbor Avenue

Bridgeport, Connecticut 06605

If you have questions, Call Nettie Jones at 203- 367-8119 or Velma Sutton at 334-281-7975 or Clifford Pettway at 203-522-1766. If you know of others who did not receive our initial letter, please give them a copy of yours.

****We love you and look forward to seeing you****

A Family Reunion
Is a time to Remember,
A time to Laugh,
A time to celebrate,
A time to share old stories

And make new Memories.
A time to see each other
in the face all around us
And find reflections of our selves
in hearts both young and old.
A reunion is a coming together
that strengthens the bond of family
and reminds us of the gift
Of belonging.
A chance to share our history.
A reason to celebrate our past.
A time to welcome our future.
As a family.

We will learn more about the Pettways and Carsons.
 Elderly people that knows about our history will educate us.
How the people came out of slavery and started their own independence.
Please plan to join us.
Food fun and games.
We will be updating more on this later.

Let's keep our Reunion going.
Keeping our Family together Is so Important.
Please keep visiting this site For more Updated Information.
Thank you.



Hello Family, We hope you all had a great Christmas and we wish you a Blessed New Year!!! The 2019 Family Reunion is on the way and we would like everyone to experience the family love in June of 2019. Letters went out a couple months ago and we have not had a large response yet. We need to come together and make this event a special one. We have family members that up in age, sick, and some are passing by the hand of another, so we need to enjoy each other while we can. Below is the pricing for the 2019 Family Reunion. If you are unable to attend the whole package, we have the breakdown of each event to accommodate the ones that can share at least one day with us. Reunion price and deposit…  If you have not done so and are interested in attending the 2019 family reunion in Bridgeport, Connecticut, please send your nonrefundable deposit in A.S.A.P. ~ balance is due by May 1st , 2019. ✓ $150.00 for adults and $70.00 for children 4 to 11 years old. ✓ non-refundable deposit of $50.00 for each adult and $25.00 for each child. ✓ Reunion price will cover: ▪ Meet & greet ▪ Banquet ▪ Family picnic at Holiday Hills ✓ reunion book (send at least e picture for your book ~ you can send it by email to pettwaycarson@gmail.com) & t-shirt (t-shirt color is yellow with black print)  Breakdown: ✓ Banquet only ~ adults $50.00 – child $25.00 ✓ Holiday Hills only ~ adult 12 & up $73.00 ~ child $44.00 (this price also includes reunion t-shirt) ✓ T-shirt only ~ $10.00  We would like a deposit in by the end of January 2019 if possible, so we can get and ideal of how many people we need to plan for the banquet and picnic. Pettway-Carson Family Reunion 2019 Connecticut Contact: Nettie Jones ~ 203.367.8119 Clifford Pettway ~ 203.522.1766 pettwaycarson@gmail.com Alabama Contact: Velma Sutton ~ 334.396.6764 12/29/2018 2 Hotel information  The reunion hotel will be ~ Hilton Garden Inn in Shelton, CT ✓ King or Double Queen rooms: $116.00 plus tax and fees per night for two ~ which includes breakfast (if you have more than 2 people in a room and you want breakfast ~ add an addition $6.50 per person. ✓ King Suite: $134.00 per night no breakfast included. Reunion Banquet ✓ Testo’s Restaurant Fund Raisers ✓ We have talked about Tickets for a Valentine Raffle ✓ We are getting tickets ready for the end of December ~ I will also send some to Alabama for them to sell also. ▪ First prize: $200.00 cash ▪ Second prize: a valentine basket (wine, wine glasses, chocolate, etc.) ▪ Third prize: a gift card for $50.00 ▪ Drawing will be February 9, 2019 (please stop by and get ticket to help the reunion committee) ✓ March: A Dinner will be scheduled to help with reunion cost Decorating Team When we get closer to the Reunion, we will need help organizing the meet and greet room and making sure the banquet room is decorated. Send payment to: Nettie Jones, 230 Harbor Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605 Make sure checks /money orders have Nettie Jones or Mary J. Pettway on it or it might be returned to you. Hope to see you at the 2019 Family Reunion Love Always, The 2019 Pettway-Carson Family Reunion Committee 12/29/2018 3 Please fill out the form below and submit it along with payment as soon as possible to: Nettie Jones, 230 Harbor Avenue, Bridgeport, CT 06605 Per Adult 12 years old and up Per Child 4 to 11 years old Reunion Package  $150.00  $55.00 Picnic & t-shirt ~ Holiday Hills  $73.00  $44.00 Banquet at Testo’s  $50.00  $25.00 T-shirt only  $10.00 for child and adult Reunion package Picnic only Banquet only T-shirt Only Amount due Children Adults Shirt Size Small Medium Large 1XLarge 2XLarge 3XLarge Adults Children If you are planning on going to Banquet and interested in doing a talent or be in a fashion show ~ please fill-out form below? Talent show  Yes  No Fashion show  Yes  No Please print name and address clearly of everyone that will be attending Name: Address City: State: Zip code: Phone #: Email: Additional adult or child ~ add child’s age Name: ☐ adult ☐ child ~ age Name: ☐ adult ☐ child ~ age Name: ☐ adult ☐ child ~ age Name: ☐ adult ☐ child ~ age

Hilton Garden Inn
25 Old stratford rd  06484  Shelton Ct 


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